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Epic talk Ray Tracing @ Escape Studios

Staying at the forefront of games development is of vital importance to our students so we where very lucky to have Sjoerd De Jong, Epic Games head of Evangelism in Europe and Arran Langmead, Epic’s London Tech Evangelist visit our Game Art and Animation students to give a deep dive into Ray Tracing in UE4.

Ray Tracing has been the solution for rendering photo realistic images in film, TV and visualisation for many years. Now however with the advent of Unreal Engine 4.24 real-time artists can explore sophisticated lighting with beautifully attenuated shadows, real-time reflections and global illumination.

Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine 4

Teaching our students Unreal Engine’s amazing new features will help transform the graphical fidelity of their work, our games environments will look richer and feel more immersive and for our animators creating short movies, using real-time rendering will greatly enhance their lighting and rendering.

We learnt a huge amount regarding optimisation and how to successfully implement Ray Tracing and so hopefully students will feel brave enough to use it in their final projects and be trail blazers in real-time rendering.

If you are interested in finding out more you can look at the documentation link below or the live training video below

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