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Epic Games Student Showcase 2020

As you may know already, every year Epic Games compiles the best Unreal Engine’s projects from students across the globe.

And once again, Escape Studios got featured on the reel, showcasing the strong work being done by our Games Art students. Check it out:

One of the project is the VR Escape Room The Order Of Quadrivium. Benjamin H. Fox is dead, and the lock he designed just trapped you inside his workshop. Explore mysterious, Victorian observatory and search for last pieces of a puzzle hidden in the environment. Accomplish his work and go on a journey that he could not make himself.

Quadrivium was a VR group project, mentored by Framestore (Michael Cable – Technical Director and Karl Woolley -Head of VR Studio). The project was created during a 8-week long module at the third year of the Games Art Undergraduate Course.

From this group we have Daniel Hackman and Wiktoria Skrobarczyk already working at Ndreams as Environment Artists.

Another great project is The Frozen Plant from Gustavo Horn, where he created the environment and the FX for the scene along 6 weeks of the Fx Module of our Games Art Master’s Degree. Gustavo is also already working as an Environment Artist at Palyground Games.

The good news isn’t over. Recently, on the weekly News and Community Spotlight, two more projects where featured.

The first one is Liberation At Dawn: Awaking inside a mysterious chamber can you escape before the monster hunters return?

From this project, Kyran Roe is currently working as an Environment Artist at NaturalMotion and Willow Sorour is at SupperMassive as Lighting Artist.

Take a look on the whole project here:

The second one is Aspen Lane: VR Paranormal Investigation, where you play as a Paranormal Investigator called to uncover evidence of a malicious haunting within a family home in North London.

Both projects were created during 12 weeks and our 3rd years students were lucky enough to have been mentored by 3 amazing industry Artists from PlayStation London Studio: Anthony Filice, Jamie Perrin and Alessandro Farina.

Congratulations to all Games Art students for making into the Showcase and Spotlight. Well deserved!

Unreal Authorized Instructor, Programme Leader for MA Games Art at Escape Studios & Tutor for Games Art Short / Part Time Courses. I have been teaching new creative talent for the past 15+ years, at institutions such as Alpha Channel and the University of Hertfordshire. I've also wrote numerous published books about Unreal Engine including; UDK Basics, Level Design and Documentation and UDK Games scenarios integration as well creating game assets for the next generation consoles such as the racing game ‘Pacer’. Currently working on my own game!

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