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Success Story: Nizhen “Nicole” Phang

I would like to share another great interview with one of our Alumni, Nicole, who is currently working as a Level Artist at Ubisoft Singapore.

What course did you study?

I studied the (MA) Game Art course at Escape Studios.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working as a Level Artist at Ubisoft Singapore! I’ve only been here for 4 months  but it’s been an amazing journey every step of the way. My job is creating awesome  environments and working with a team of extremely talented and wonderful people. As for  the project I’m currently working on, I’m afraid I can’t reveal much right now but it’s an  exciting one and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to experience it!

What work are you most proud of working on and was/is your most notable achievement?

Oof, this is a tough question. I’d say my favorite work would be my final project: The Sci-Fi  Repair Bay. It’s a culmination of everything I’ve learnt during my time here at Escape and  trying to push my skills to the highest level possible. 

But my most notable achievement was working on the Fable group project with my team. It  was a challenging experience, especially with Covid and having to do everything online. But  we managed to make it work, setting up our own Perforce server for file sharing, having  daily meetings to make sure we’re on schedule and the final result is something we are all  really proud of.

If you had to sum up your time at Escape Studios in one word, what would it be and why?


I’ve been playing video games all my life and am a huge fan of them. But to actually  understand how it’s all made and the work and artistry that goes on behind the scenes just  makes me appreciate them even more.

What lessons have you learnt during your time studying and your time working in Games?

Never be afraid to experiment. Continue pushing the boundaries of what you’ve learnt and  keep telling yourself “What can I do to make this better?” Don’t be afraid of learning new  software. Once you have the soft skills down like how to model, how to texture, how to  make something look great, learning a new program is simply learning how to navigate  around it.

What is your advice for those considering entering the industry?

This is a highly competitive industry, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get that callback  you were hoping for. Keep improving on your skills and your software repertoire. Post your  work online to places like Artstation, CGSociety or Zbrush Central, even works-in-progress. Don’t  be afraid of getting feedback and criticisms. You can’t improve if you don’t know how to  improve. 

Putting yourself out there is also how you start making connections and getting known,  which is immensely helpful when trying to land that first job. So don’t be shy! We’re all  artists here and we all love seeing each other’s work and being inspired with one another.

What’s your favourite game and why?

The toughest question of all! Hmmmm, it’s hard to say which is my favorite, there are so  many great games out there with their own unique charms to it. 

I’d say narrative-wise, I’m a huge fan of the Mass Effect Trilogy. I love the various story  branches based off the player’s choices, and the world-building of that game is absolutely  fantastic. Aesthetics-wise, I’m in love with the dark fantasy look of the Soulsborne games  (although I’m not very good at them haha) and I can’t wait to be able to play the Demon’s  Souls Remaster as soon as I can get a PS5.

Tks Nic for the great interview as well Ubisoft!

More about Nic:


More about Ubisoft:


Unreal Authorized Instructor, Programme Leader for MA Games Art at Escape Studios & Tutor for Games Art Short / Part Time Courses. I have been teaching new creative talent for the past 15+ years, at institutions such as Alpha Channel and the University of Hertfordshire. I've also wrote numerous published books about Unreal Engine including; UDK Basics, Level Design and Documentation and UDK Games scenarios integration as well creating game assets for the next generation consoles such as the racing game ‘Pacer’. Currently working on my own game!

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