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Unreal Engine 5 @ Escape “The Dungeon”

We have been creating a Dungeon based environment to test our workflows in Unreal Engine 5.

It’s been some time since I wrote a Blog, Christian Avigni, our MA tutor has been keeping the home fires burning with some great posts.

I thought I might share some examples of environments that I have been working on with Christian. We have been creating a Dungeon based environment to test our workflows in Unreal Engine 5.

Some key areas of interest for us have been how Nanite and Lumen impact pipeline and data handling. Working with higher resolution meshes have an impact on everything from storage, hardware and how DCC applications deal with massively inflated polygon counts, UVing hi res meshes in Maya is not currently a fun prospect.

Other areas that we are exploring are lighting with Lumen and it’s impact on how we light real-time environments, more post will be coming.

In the meantime I have some images of our first environment that uses a large amount of Photogrammetry with very high polygon counts and very large texture sizes. Simply put, we threw everything and the kitchen sink at this project to see when and where it would fall down.

Here is an example of the raw Photogrammetry from the font above

About 90% of this scene is using Photogrammetry that we have created from various shoots around London and the rest is Quixel assets, mainly on the floor and some small object assets. We also use Quixel floor and wall elements to intersect our models to create interest and variation.

Using Library assets is bread and butter stuff in games, but knowing how to use them and also making sure that library content and your own content match each other stylistically is crucial. Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard and keep adding models, I must admit I probably overdid in some areas.

Games production is so exciting because each game and platform have different requirements, So even though we have the facility to create higher fidelity content, old school techniques, good practice and optimal workflow are still the staples of real-time production.

You can see 360 versions on my Artstation


More posts about Photogrammetry, lighting, working with large meshes to come…….

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